DIY: How to make your own mini hydraulic press. Let the destruction begin.

Most DIYers are interested in making, repairing, re-imaging and reinventing. But some of us are interested in crushing, breaking, exploding and destroying. But what if you could create a tool to aid you in your destructive endeavors? This DIY mini hydraulic press is the perfect combination: a useful tool with a dark side.

According to Timothy Dahl for Popular Mechanics: "An industrial sized hydraulic press is extremely heavy and expensive, but a smaller version can be made using a standard 4-ton bottle jack—the same type used to change a car tire. Two heavy duty metal braces, threaded rod, and a few nuts are all it takes to assemble your own hydraulic press.

A blast shield and safety glasses should always be used when crushing anything, especially if it's hard. You can modify this press and set it inside a larger frame behind a blast shield, and use an extension on the jack to raise it from in front of the shield."

And once you've assembled your press, the real fun begins. CRUSHING THINGS!

To learn more, read "Make Your Own Mini Hydraulic Press and Start Crushing Things" from Popular Mechanics.