DIY: How to make a pizza oven using a flower pot

Are you tired of the normal summertime cookout foods? Have you grilled enough hot dogs and hamburgers to feed a small carnival? Combine your love of DIY and Italian cuisine by cooking homemade pizzas in your homemade pizza oven. Constructing the oven is not as complicated at you might think. All you need is a fire pit and a terracotta flower pot.

According to Popular Mechanics: "Ever wonder how pie makers get their pizza crusts so crispy? The key is high temperatures, but investing in your own professional-grade pizza oven isn't very practical. Fortunately, the guys at Hey Try This found an alternative: a DIY pizza oven. You'll need a fire pit, grill grates, a pizza stone, charcoal. Also, a large terracotta pot."

To learn more, read "How to Build a Pizza Oven With Junk From Your Garage" from Popular Mechanics.