DIY: Dominoes setter is hypnotically simple and brilliant

When the stresses of the world prove to be too overwhelming, I try to center myself by meditating, communing with nature, or watching a homemade machine placing dominoes in a perfectly straight row. YouTuber Matthias Wandel has created such a device with little more than wood, ball bearings, rubber bands, a small motor, and some ingenuity. The outcome is a marvel of DIY creativity and the epitome of soothing repetition. 

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "This isn't the first time  Matthias Wandel  has figured out how to get his dominoes just right, he's also done so with Legos. But this project introduced a whole new level of difficulty. While the magazine and slider work on the first go-around, Wandel had to build out a straightener for the pieces and alter the speeds. With Legos this requires adding and subtracting pieces, with wood it requires power tools."

To learn more, read "Nothing's More Soothing Than a DIY Wooden Domino Setting Machine" from Popular Mechanics.