DIY: Create your own radio station using an MP3 player

Is your lifelong goal to become a famous radio personality? Do you constantly think "I could do that better" every time you listen to a cheesy DJ on the radio? Well stop daydreaming and use your DIY skills to become the campus or neighborhood radio star you have always wanted to be. All you need is a MP3 player with an FM transmitter.

According to Thom Leavy for Popular Science: "While tinkering with an FM transmitter for MP3 players, engineer Denise Lee realized she could boost its range to turn her music into a radio show. “This is the cheapest form of broadcast technology,” she says. Her build lets you share your NPR voice with neighbors, the college quad, or fellow campers—up to about 100 feet away."

1610 radio1

1610 radio2
1610 radio3

To learn more, read "Make Your Own Hyperlocal Radio Station" from Popular Science.