Cruising down the highway in my homemade hovercraft

I hate rush-hour commuting. The thought of spending hours stuck bumper-to-bumper in an unending lane of traffic while a serenade of horns blares in the background is enough to make my skin crawl. That’s why I propose that we all abandon our cars and use hovercrafts instead. Just look at how much fun Oliver is having driving his custom-made hovercraft throughout the neighborhood.

According to Sophie Weiner for Popular Mechanics: "What did you wish for when you were a kid? We have to admit that we weren't quite adventurous enough to ask for a homemade hovercraft, but then again most people don't have a dad like Paul Boswell, who inclined to build one. If it looks extremely fun, and shockingly, pretty safe, that is because it is. And plans aren't that hard to come by,as you may have read in magazines like Popular Mechanics."

To learn more, read "Every Kid Deserves a DIY Hovercraft" from Popular Mechanics.