Clear your thoughts by watching a Slinky walk down an infinite staircase (and then make it yourself)

When the stresses and strains of the everyday world begin to burden my mind, I search out new ways to clear my thoughts and center myself. Sometimes I immerse myself in the beautiful majesty of nature. Sometimes I listen to classical music with my eyes closed. Sometimes I watch a video of a Slinky walking down an infinite wooden escalator.

According to Eric Limer for Popular Mechanics: "As beautifully simple as a infinite wooden slinky escalator may seem, it's design is actually pretty involved. In addition to the zen Slinky-descent you see above, creator Matthias Wandel also published an enlightening video about the construction of this DIY device, including all the flubs and mistakes along the way."

To learn more, read "Watch This Slinky Climb Down a DIY Wooden Escalator, Forever" from Popular Mechanics.