Bumper car with 600cc engine breaks Guinness World Record

Colin Furze has done it again. The British engineer/inventor/YouTube phenomenon has created the world's fastest bumper car. For anyone who has ever driven a bumper car at a fair or carnival, a fast bumper car might seem like an oxymoron. But this souped-up 1960s dodgem features a 600cc engine and a top speed of 100.336 mph.

According to Rachel Swatman for Guinness World Records: "Top Gear‘s professional driver The Stig tested the vehicle at Bentwaters Airfield near Ipswich, Suffolk, UK and hit a lightning speed of 161.476 km/h (100.336 mph).

Bear in mind the average speed for a bumper car is just 5 mph!

The car took the garage inventor three weeks to build. Colin added a 600cc Honda motorbike engine, but ensured that the chassis remained that of a bumper car and the wheels were the same size, as required by the Guinness World Records rules for this title."

To learn more, read "British engineer Colin Furze builds world’s fastest bumper car for Top Gear" from Guinness World Records.