Big Mouth Alexa Bass: AI speaks through a plastic fad from the past

Artificial intelligence can be scary, especially if you are someone like me who believes that the robot apocalypse is inevitable. But what if AI could embody something warm and comforting from your past, like a beloved toy, a treasured token, or a Big Mouth Billy Bass? One developer has merged a novelty singing fish with the Amazon AI Alexa and the results are amazing.

According to Sophie Weiner for Popular Mechanics: "No one yet knows how he did it (though bets are on the Alexa API, which was opened in April), but it seems to have worked well. In the video, the fish responds to commands by moving its head forward and mouthing along as Alexa speaks. The effect is somewhere between hilarious and terrifying.

Now that Kane has achieved this, we can only hope it will spur further similar hacks. We'd love to see Alexa speak through a Furby or a Tickle Me Elmo, for example. In this brave new world of artificial intelligence, we might as well have some fun when we can."

To learn more, read "Alexa Speaking Through A Singing Fish Is The Best Thing You'll See All Weekend" from Popular Mechanics.