Art or the absurd: How to convert your car into a pizza oven

Are you looking to improve the atmosphere of your backyard? Do you have an abandoned car that can be repurposed? Do you love pizza? If you answered yes, then your next DIY project might be creating a pizza oven in a car. Artist Benedetto Bufalino gave new life to an old Ford Mondeo by transforming it into a wood-burning pizza oven. If only it could make deliveries.

According to designboom: "Bufalino sliced out the windows of the old ford and removed its technical and internal components, like seats and wheels. a sort of shelf within the car interior was constructed and covered in an all-brick surface that could sustain high heats. wood logs were placed inside, lit on fire, and a fully-functioning pizza oven was born. devised while Bufalino was a participant at cultural art association 2angles based in France, the car-turned-pizza-cooker attracted many visitors who wanted to check out the car that doesn’t burn gas — but wood."

benedetto bufalino pizza oven car designboom 02

To learn more, read "this old car was turned into a wood-burning pizza oven" from designboom.