American manufacturing: State by state

Do you know the manufacturing statistics for your state? Don't worry, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is here to help. The NAM's website features a clickable database of manufacturing information organized by state and available in a downloadable PDF.

According to the NAM's website, “data on economic conditions and manufacturing by state provide the information manufacturers in America need to make critical inventory, production and business plans. Our data also helps show top manufacturing states, highlights key areas of economic strength and identifies areas of concern.”

Each PDF includes:

  • Manufacturing employment
  • Average annual compensation
  • Manufacturing pay premium
  • State manufacturing output
  • Manufacturing’s share of the state’s economy
  • Manufacturing’s share of the state’s exports
  • Total employment related to manufactured exports
  • Top 10 state manufacturing sectors
  • Facts about manufacturing in the U.S.

The NAM also offers manufacturers’ resources that “support and advance the manufacturing agenda and highlight the vital role of manufacturing in our nation’s economic vitality. These resources range from economic statistics and manufacturing industry data to analysis of recent manufacturing related court cases and policy issue one-pagers.”

Learn more about the NAM’s manufacturing by state feature