A role-playing game that fights the maintenance crisis

How do you reach America’s future workforce and convince them that maintenance is a cool, profitable career opportunity? With video games, of course.

I’ve heard of training simulators that take their cues from the world of video games, but this simple role-playing game is something completely different. ABB has seamlessly merged educational training and entertainment with its online Reliability Challenge game. Developed by tracermedia, the game allows users to experience firsthand how day-to-day maintenance decisions affect profit, morale, equipment effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Face dilemmas, employ initiatives, and navigate through the board room and factory with the click of a mouse.

While the ABB Reliability Challenge won’t be appearing at your local GameStop anytime soon, the game is challenging (sometimes infuriating) and allows players to grasp the far-reaching ramifications of poor, unplanned maintenance. The first-person game is easy to operate and the imagery is reminiscent of a box of Legos.

Will this game encourage future generations to dream of becoming maintenance professionals when they grow up? Hopefully. Maybe it’s time for our favorite video game characters to don hard hats and show the world who the real heroes are.

To play the online game, click here.