4 ways technology will determine the winner of the 2016 presidential election

Technology plays an important role in all political campaigns. Like a business, political campaigns rely heavily on technology that allows candidates to reach people, the right people, with their messages. But understanding the rapidly evolving technological field can be daunting, and the candidate who best understands the subtleties of marketing in the digital age will gain a competitive advantage over their opponent. In a recent article from TechRepublic, author Dan Patterson explores how big data, the cloud, social media, and mobile will determine our next president.

Here is an excerpt from the article: "Mobile devices will be the source of data aggregation used by campaigns. They can also be used to target and communicate with voters directly. Voice meeting services like Tele-Town Hall have quietly become more and more important to campaigns and policy-makers alike. Tele-Town Hall allows candidates to hold large town hall-style meetings with constituents. Some calls exceed 500 people, and allow voters to directly interact by asking questions and speaking directly with candidates, and providing instant touch-tone feedback on policy issues."

To learn more, read “Election Tech 2016: The 4 technologies that will decide the next US president” from TechRepublic.