Where do you recruit and train workers?

I've been asked to moderate the Services Advisory Council Customer Panel discussion at Honeywell Users Group (HUG, www.honeywellusersgroup.com/americas/2011/index.html) in Phoenix this month. HUG is one of those conferences I really look forward to each year, so it's especially exciting to be asked to be a part of the proceedings. The conversation I'll be moderating will center around skills and training.

As Baby Boom workers retire, often taking industrial knowledge with them, the need to retain that information and pass it along to a new generation becomes even more important.

So, what are you doing in your organization about this issue? Post your input right here as a comment. Just login or register to do it. It’s simpler and faster than emailing me, but if you’d prefer that, then I’m at mbacidore@putman.net.

Resources are shrinking across plants in every industrial sector. Difficulty in replacing retired workers contributes to this. How are you attracting new employees with the skill sets you need? What are the biggest problems you’re having in finding the talent you need or even in developing what you need internally? Or are you outsourcing any aspects of your maintenance and reliability tasks?

Many companies are looking for help with training, too. Mentoring, coaching and co-ops have diminished along with the resources available to offer them. Where are you and your employees turning for training needs?