Maintenance on tap

At MillerCoors in Milwaukee, its Asset CARE community has been tasked with improving reliability and reducing costs.

The program focuses on key drivers that reduce labor costs and improve reliability. Design-out maintenance; condition-based maintenance; operator-based maintenance; maintenance-based operations; RCM task definition methodology; training; change management; work planning, execution, and controls processes; and partnerships with vendors all make it possible for MillerCoors to develop and sustain a strong in-house maintenance competency.

“All preventive and predictive inspections and repairs are reviewed using RCM II methodologies,” says Steven A. Erickson, manager, asset management systems, at MillerCoors ( “The result has been a more focused and value-added inspection and repair environment. For training, there has been a renewed focus on understanding job requirements for all operators and maintenance technicians and the skills required to properly complete tasks.”

A formal change review process also has been implemented, and all changes to equipment, controls, or process steps are reviewed by subject-matter experts for applicability and correctness. Because the work of maintenance personnel, its execution, and its effectiveness rely on proper task definition, preparedness, work execution controls, and ongoing review, the CMMS system has been optimized to provide a better work planning tool. “Planners and schedulers were trained in effective use of the CMMS, meetings were formalized to better communicate work plans when equipment will be taken down, and a formal review of work done during scheduled down periods is reviewed to address inadequacies and identify best practices,” explains Erickson.