Like us, join us, mitigate arc-flash hazard

Social media is a big part of our online lives these days. The Stanley Cup Final wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable for me if I hadn't been able to express my admiration online for Tim Thomas' incredible play between the pipes and my disappointment in the biting and the unnecessarily dirty and dangerous play that went largely unpunished by the NHL.

But this is not a column about how poorly NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman runs the league. This is about my community of Facebook friends and the interaction we had during the games. I like the NHL. As proof, I clicked on the Like button for it on Facebook. Sometimes, I’ll even post a comment on something the NHL posts. And I’m a member of the Chicago Blackhawks LinkedIn group, too. I get a lot of great information by being a part of those online communities.

Now’s your chance to do the same thing with industrial plant maintenance and reliability. And you can receive a valuable reward, too. We are offering a free downloadable PDF on how to lessen the risk of arc flash to all maintenance and reliability professionals who Like Plant Services on Facebook ( or join the Plant Services group on LinkedIn (

Yes, that’s right. It’s that easy. Like us or join us. That’s all you need to do, and you will receive the arc-flash PDF. Plus, you get the benefit of being involved with our online communities, where you can share problems or issues with like-minded professionals.

And if you want to talk hockey, I’m already counting the days until next season’s prospect camp and the training festival.