Monetizing greenhouse gases

It matters not whether you think humans cause climate change. In fact, it matters not whether you think the climate really is changing. And, it matters not whether you think the so-called greenhouse gases truly are the mean ol' nasties the media portrays them to be.

In spite of the mass hysteria surrounding the transfer of carbon from under the ground to the air we breathe, somebody out there, maybe a greenhouse zealot or maybe a nonbeliever, will figure out how to monetize it. That’s the capitalistic way some of the world operates. After all, photosynthesis has been doing that for as long as I can remember.

The truth is that someone figured out how to do fake photosynthesis trick in the laboratory back in 1994. So says the article titled “Reverse Combustion: Can CO2 Be Turned Back into Fuel?” that appears on the Scientific American Web site. I’d love to have a piece of that action.

While you’re pondering the implications of capitalizing on fake plant action, you might be interested in two more related articles. These are titled “Caps and taxes and trades, oh my” and “The power of element number six.” Both appear on the Plant Services website.

All this raises another question. To what extent is your manufacturing plant concerned about greenhouse gases? Are your operations a reflection of purely monetary concerns or are you open to the potentially higher cost associated with operating in a sustainable manner? Inquiring minds want to know.