Industrial apps for the iPhone

I have no doubt that you've observed that some people can't seem to walk anywhere unless they are holding a smart phone. It doesn't matter if they're using it. It's a strange addiction or fashion statement or something.

Nevertheless, the technology those devices bring to bear fosters unheard of levels of nearly instantaneous communication. With their popularity out on the street, it’s no wonder they’re making inroads into the industrial environment. If nothing else, wireless technology can make maintenance departments far more efficient than in days of yore. In fact, it’s already happening in a plant near you.

A search of some websites revealed that there are plenty of apps for the Apple iPhone. They’re listed below. The list isn’t intended to be all-inclusive, but I and your peers would like to know what other apps you find to be useful in seeking your daily bread. Let me know, I’ll get he word out.

Basic pump calculations

Machine shaft alignment calculator

ANSI flange data

Refrigerant physical and thermodynamic properties

200 formulas helpful for building engineers

Clinometer to measure slopes

Digital altimeter

180 formulas and 130 charts for electrcal pros

USGS elevation fully integrated Google maps

Ultimate HVAC reference for HVAC professionals and engineers

HVAC pipe sizer - liquids

Estimator is the best tool for construction, bidding and estimating projects

Time sheet to track time spent of projects

Ludeca’s Laser Align reference tool (free)

Mechanical engineering reference tool

Hundreds of mechanical engineering calculations and references

Utility app for connecting electric motors according the NEC

A secure password manager


Pipe fitting data

Pipe spacing calculation

Piping component reference guide

60 formulas that are useful for plumbers and HVAC installers

Gantt charts

Sample size and confidence interval calculator

HMI/SCADA application for PLCs and RTUs

Scheduling app for businesses on the go

Properties of the elements, the standard amino acids, and the nucleobases

This app serves as a compass, GPS, map, zoom camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer

All-in-one unit converter

By the way, A similar list of apps for the Android phone are available here.