How to find and keep the perfect job

The details behind the national employment situation have gotten quite appalling lately. Although we hear reports of something like 10% unemployment nationwide, the regional numbers vary widely. Given the immediate economic reality, it's hard to comprehend industry's constant moaning and whining about its inability to identify qualified, competent workers.

If you’re employed at whatever level in whatever industry, it’s probably not in your best interest to assume you must be one of those qualified, competent human resources. One can never know precisely what machinations might be in the offing on Mahogany Row at your company’s home office.

Competence alone is insufficient to provide real job security. One must become a bit of a shameless self-promoter. It’s best to get involved in marketing the unique brand of worker that is you and you alone.

I’m not implying that proclamations of embellished self-aggrandizement are justifiable. Nobody appreciates a blowhard. But, quiet competence, however valuable it might be, can be a path to nowhere, a backwater in the realm of worthwhile career progressions if it’s the only benefit you can offer.

A good way to avoid such obscurity and the ignominy of repeatedly being bypassed for job promotions is to heed the management tip of the day that Reuter’s posted.

What other advice would you suggest to someone trying to survive in these nasty economic times?