Getting pumped with pump operation and maintenance

It stands to reason that effective troubleshooting and root cause analysis requires the practitioner to have solid knowledge about how the equipment or system is supposed to perform in the ideal world.

Lacking that standard or benchmark, the maintenance effort devolves to merely a shot in the dark or a case of blindly replacing what appears to be broken, perhaps repeatedly over the years.

A little more education couldn’t harm anyone. In the case of that industry workhorse, the centrifugal pumps, the good folks at Goulds Pumps have a free online pump course that might be of use to anyone responsible for either pump operation or maintenance.

The course covers many topics, including centrifugal pump fundamentals, application, water data, properties of liquids, motor data, and pump operation and maintenance. This is a resource that you might want to bookmark or use as a basis for any in-house training program you have.