"Zombie-Land in the Maintenance Department?"- Conference Session

Since the "Zombie-land in the Maintenance Department?" was such a popular blog post, I expanded the topic into a conference session. The attendees at the Greater Philadelphia Facilities Management Show gave me rave reviews. So if you can join me at the Capital Building & Facility Maintenance Show near DC, come as my guest. I guarantee that you will not have to endure death by powerpoint or be bored. This session will be provocative, entertaining, yet very practical and informative. Register online at http://www.cb-fm.com/sessions.html Session 5 Zombie-Land in the Maintenance Department? 11:20am Room A Speaker: Joel Leonard, Maintenance Evangelist and SkillTV.net Host, SkillTV.net Description: In light of the recent zombie-like attacks by people in Miami under the influence of "bath salts," along with Hollywood’s resurrection of the creatures in film, where the dead run a muck, causing alarm, attacking citizens, consuming the innocent, and converting more along their death march to dominance, we have realized that we have a much bigger calamity to contend with in industry. Yes, we have our own maintenance zombies to combat. Attend this session to: 1.) Learn how to eliminate reactive-maintenance zombies in your company. 2.) Discover how to anticipate failures and minimize downtime. 3.) Inspire your team to break away from ineffective past practices and avoid continuation of bad habits. 0.1 CEU - AFE