Zombie-land in the maintenance department?

In light of the recent zombie-like attacks by people in Miami under the influence of "bath salts," along with Hollywood’s resurrection of the creatures in film, where the dead run amuck, causing alarm, attacking citizens, consuming the innocent, and converting more along their death march to dominance, we have realized that we have a much bigger calamity to contend with in industry. Yes, we have our own maintenance zombies to combat.

How do we get rid of dead maintenance practices that are continuing to wreak havoc? How do we rise up and fight reactive maintenance zombies who continue to perform the same old dead approaches of previous generations of workers? As companies are striving to compete in a volatile global marketplace, how do we revitalize maintenance departments and reap the profit potential? Face it. Many companies continue to perpetuate the same worn-out approaches to reactive maintenance, not fully utilizing or even implementing a CMMS. Many of the workers may have worked in their jobs for more than 20 years, but, instead of growing or doing new and advanced activities, they only do the minimum, and they don't strive to grow or develop proven modern proactive maintenance and reliability strategies.

We (I hope you add to conversation in the comment section below) will be discussing these challenges and hope to uncover and share more constructive approaches on how other companies are successfully eradicating the maintenance-zombie scourge that plagues our quest for future prosperity.