What if we cross the Fiscal Cliff?

We all hope that US Congressional leaders will resolve the Fiscal Cliff that is hovering over our country but as US Congress plays political chicken and as we approach the December 31st, 2012 deadline, it is important that more prepare for mass shedding of jobs and end of year closings. How confident are you that partisan politics will subside and a deal will be made that will keep a preventable recession avoided? Are you prepared? Stay tuned into the Crisis Corner over the next several months, we will be researching for more information on these issues. First is what if you get furlowed or phased out? Hope that does not happen, but hopefully you can lean on your professional safety net and secure employment quickly. Do you have a professional safety net in place? Do you have a network of industry connections? Going through the over- crowded front door is often not an effective strategy to garner employment. Have you tried the association door or the social networking doors? Have checked the job boards of AFE, BOMA, IFMA, NAPE, NDIA, SMRP just to name a few. Have you contributed at industry conferences? Want to? NFMT.com is the largest collection of Facilities Engineers in the country in Baltimore 2013. There are numerous others, Maintenance Shows of America has numerous regional shows on the eastern coast of US. CIA Global hosts numerous educational workshop in SE Asia. The European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, EFNMS.org has events all over Europe and ICOMS and Mainstream are planning numerous events in Australia, Abraman is in Brazil if you wish to pursue other opportunities. We hope to publish a link to major events around the world, so please stay tuned. If you have a strong enough relationship with the potential employer, playing resume darts (tossing CVS around it hopes one hits the target) will not be needed as they make room for you. So despite busy schedules, making time to visit tradeshows, join industry associations, serving on committees, getting involved in LinkedIn chat group discussions, can help you build a safety net to land your next opportunity if you have to depart quickly, but also can help you uncover ideas that you help advance your business performance levels and perhaps help your current employer survive. The sad fact is we just can't count on Congress to save the day, we need to be our own hero by securing a solid future for ourselves and our family despite economic downturns. Power on!