What are you doing this summer to fight the reactive maintenance zombies?

We are about to share some of the latest research and efforts to fight the reactive Maintenance Zombies but first we want to hear from you. What are you doing to move from reactive to planned maintenance? What is your company doing to fight to build the next generation of skilled technicians? Are you offering scholarships, supporting summer internships? Are you developing your existing talent? Are you hosting plant tours? Are you offering scholarships at community colleges? Are you working to build virtual simulation training programs? Are you working with your local JobLink offices? Are you conveying your current and future needs? Are you doing anything at all? Hope that you and your company is working hard to fight the Maintenance Crisis and kill off those reactive Maintenance zombies... Better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. Lets Fixit Forward! So who is going to be the first to share their activities? Well perhaps no one is willing to share their successes or failures as they do not want outsiders to be aware of their situation. Anyway, I hope that you did not interpret this email as interrogation but as way to stimulate some action in developing a bench to be ready to take on when your current stars retire or move on to what they may perceive as greener pastures.