What are you doing October 5th on National Manufacturing Day?

Are you going to help us celebrate Manufacturing Day? Are you going to sit by and let the sports and entertainment industries dominate and continue to fill our kids minds with glory, achievement and false promises of wealth? There is so much opportunities, glory and wealth to be had in manufacturing and we must stand up be accounted for and to share with the next generations that the negative images, stigmas and stereotypes are no longer valid if we are ever going to have adequate developed pipelines of qualified talent pools for us to advance our business forward. So what are you going to do October 5th? Want to attend a plant tour or an open house? Check for events in your area @ http://www.mfgday.com/event If you would like to join us and host your own event, feel to check the resources to help advance your efforts @ http://www.mfgday.com/index/resources. Conducting manufacturing plant visits for members of Congress and their staff is a good way to build relationships for your company and increase support for a pro-growth, pro-business agenda. Likewise, they provide excellent opportunities for lawmakers to meet with their constituents, hear the success stories and the struggles that manufacturers face and see first hand how their policies work in real life. Plant tours educate lawmakers on the importance of manufacturing’s role in the economy. These visits can provide excellent press opportunities for your company. Better yet, the member of Congress will remember your role in your community and your hospitality. This guide will help you plan, prepare for and conduct a successful plant tour and ensure that your experience is as effective as possible. You will find a simple yet thorough checklist to follow to ensure your plant tour runs as smoothly as possible. Plant tours paint the perfect picture of manufacturing at work. http://www.mfgday.com/pdfs/Plant-Tour-Guide-NAM.pdf The more of us that stand up be heard, the more we can amass more resources, respect (glory) that manufacturing and maintenance definitely deserves.