Wake Up Hollywood! We need movies about Skilled Workers!

Is it not amazing how when Hollywood showcases a profession or even a hobby like poker or archery that a copycat craze ensues? Really wish that Hollywood producers would consider adding more movies that glorify the skilled trades as I continue to run into social walls that are blocking the development of future talent pools in our education system. It is certainly not easy to get into the classroom and dispel stigmas about working in the manufacturing sector. A couple of years ago a 6th grade teacher asked me to come in and speak to her class about career options. This was at a private school and you could feel the sense of arrogance when walking through the hallways. As usual I gave a passionate session about the importance of skilled trades and that those who set up future work crews could become millionaires. Therefore, it would be good for them to learn how to be an electrician or plumber. The next day, I learned that the well meaning teacher was reported to the principle by another teacher because some of the students complained that I encouraged private school students to consider the skilled trades. Unbelievable! There is so much negativity about our craft being perpetrated by the educational system that we are inhibiting our countries future growth and sustainability. Oh, by the way, the teacher that reported my sponsor had a horse whisperer in her class the week before. So I ask you how many jobs are there out there for horse whisperers? So if we could get Hollywood to develop movies about skilled trade heroes and profile jobs that we desperately need, we will be able to break down some of these ridiculous social stigmas that inhibit us. So do us a favor, reach out to your drama teachers, or any entertainment contacts and let them know that skilled technicians needs to be glorified more than horse whisperers, poker players and archers.