Use the CMMS three-pile process to kill maintenance zombies

Maintenance zombies are everywhere. Here's one tactic for keeping them out of the CMMS. Set up a CMMS three-pile process.

After you have performed, documented, and collected a month's worth of work on your company's critical equipment, set up a Friday-afternoon maintenance staff meeting. Once you have assembled your team, print out all of the activities that your department has performed on critical equipment.

Put that stack of completed work orders on the conference room table and start the process of setting up three stacks of work orders.

Stack 1 is the work that could be eliminated completely if you performed a periodic inspection or preventive maintenance activities.

Stack 2 is work that could reduce the consequences if you performed a periodic inspection or preventive maintenance activities.

Stack 3 is work that you have to respond to reactively and will occur regardless of whether you perform an inspection or PM.

Ok, now you and your team have the fun work of going through stacks 1 and 2 and developing the PM procedures and intervals to schedule events in your CMMS.

Don’t do this independently. The more input your team has on the front end of this process, the more support they will give you as they do the work, thus revitalizing a sense of purpose and commitment to keeping proactive maintenance processes alive.

Tune into the next blog to see how to kill more mindless maintenance zombies and revitalize your department.
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  • <p>Good advice, but given the amount of time it could require, would Wednesday be better than Friday? It seems like Friday may be less efficient for the lucky few who actually get the weekend off. (I know, that is a rarity. :&gt;) But if in middle of week, and they cant get all stacks gone through, they can continue the next day with little refresher time compared to coming back on a Monday to finish up, along with weekend fires that need resolved on Mondays. :&gt;)</p> <p>Don Fitchett Industrial Training - The Best for Less [[<a href="">]]</a></p>


  • <p>I wont put a lot into my reply this time Joel, like I did last time before they deleted it. I was just saying, maybe Wednesday would be better to go through the 2 piles, encase there is not enough time to finish, they can continue Thursday, as opposed to continuing Monday after the weekend made memories fade. A more productive strategy, that is all I was saying. :&gt;) Hope they don't delete this post this time, it really discourages participation.</p> <p>Don Fitchett Industrial Training - The Best for Less</p>


  • <p>This is such and important endeavor to change in corporate culture that should be started at once. And frankly I dont care what time or day- just needs to happen... and needs to followed through on a regular basis. Really sad seeing so many companies react, react, react and never plan or set up processes to avoid future pain. </p> <p>Hope others chime in too. </p> <p>Joel Leonard</p>


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