Stealth Hiring? What is it? How to take advantage of new technique in the job market.

Despite the general malaise and anxieties perceived in the job market with the absence of high volume open hiring, companies are still on the look out for quality talent. However, to avoid being inundated with lengthy lines, high volume telephone calls and resume stacks of unqualified talent, companies are employing stealth hiring techniques. Companies have realized that buying want ads in newspapers, radio and television is not only expensive but also opens the net so wide that they do not have time to filter through the resumes, phone calls or possible lines. Therefore, many companies are now engaging in stealth hiring by mining connections of their better employees, developing partnerships with trade and technical schools and community colleges to uncover talent. Also for the higher level skills and experienced positions, companies are networking with professional trade associations. For example to be competitive in the contract maintenance market, EMCOR is sponsoring returning veterans to take a certification programs with the Association for Facilities Engineering, Through EMCOR and other corporate sponsorships over 120 vets will be certified plant maintenance managers. By growing this talent pool, that will enable these companies the opportunities hire highly skilled and motivated employees. This is not a trend but a trans-formative change where stealth hiring is going to be a competitive advantage for progressive, growing businesses to move forward despite skills shortages. So it would be wise for future candidates in the job-market to develop their network join associations, serve as volunteer officers and to build their credentials by earning certifications. Also Linked-in has a variety of professional online groups that help you address questions, challenges and locate future employment.