Solve the Maintenance Crisis- Hire a Vet

If you are blessed to have a vacation day to celebrate Veterans day, please take some time to develop a strategy to take advantage of the tax breaks, the new labor pool coming back from deployment, and grow your business. Be bold, be strong, be patriotic, but more importantly be smart hire veterans. I have had the pleasure of supporting the CPMM Veterans project underway at Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Technical Community College and to date over 60 students have passed the CPMM after completing a 4 day review over the last several month. Although many want to reside in NC, however others are open to explore opportunities from around of the country and the world. These graduates have a vast background and skill sets that could easily transfer to contribute commercial sector. Many have held levels of responsibilities and dealt with challenges far beyond others of the same age. They can work together as teams, set priorities, have discipline and focus, all are skills needed to set up proactive maintenance management processes and approaches. If interested in learning more about this talent pool, please contact Wayne Saya of He can connect you with these workers or add a comment below and I will make sure all are connected.