Salute the maintenance techs!

This week is a perfect week for more to recognize the sacrifice, talent, ingenuity, and hard work of group of unsung heroes that many do not fully appreciate, respect or even understand.

The week of the Fourth of July, while many take numerous days of this week to grill out, vacation, and hang out with friends and family, maintenance professionals around the US are busy performing their annual shutdown work, restoring, retrofitting, performing preventive maintenance procedures often working in scalding heat with little or no air conditioning, on the roofs repairing leaks, in the basements upgrading systems, perhaps even underground unplugging, replacing pipes and sealing leaks.

Yes, the maintenance profession is often times demeaned and disrespected by pop culture but for those who see the sacrifice, know the technology employed, the knowledge needed to perform this function well and the sacrifice made by hundreds of thousands of technicians around the country, know that these humble pros actually deserve our utmost respect and reverence. For without their contribution our buildings, bridges, rail systems and businesses would crumble and our production and economic growth would cease.

So please take a moment and reach out to a technician and say thank you. Better yet work to get them a week where they can rest or even better send them to more formalized training programs as the better they work the better your business and our country will perform.

I salute Maintenance Technicians from around world and hope you will as well!