Replacement Refs? Is that the biggest problem the US faces?

If you stood up Monday night or have been tuning into the sports news, you would think that the biggest crisis our nation faces is the NFL replacement refs made a bad call. Our nation's president, the challenger, senators, governors, and with the millions of tweets, and face-book updates from US citizens expressing their disdain for the quality of the replacement referee performances, seems everyone is concerned. So I ask you, should fixing football, a past-time, become our nations top priority? With millions of baby boomer skilled workers about to retire in the coming years and the negative stigmas that we have given manufacturing and skilled trades, we just don't have viable replacement technicians being developed. So shouldn't our nation be more concerned about our future national economic security of our manufacturing and facilities operations more than football? If we were able to amass the same level of concern about fixing the maintenance crisis that we do to adjust the quality of officiating of our sporting events, we would become again the world economic powerhouse and would develop competitive edges for generations to come. However, maintenance and manufacturing is not sexy, like football. But it is truly essential to our sustainable future. How much farther do we have fall behind the other hungry countries that want to live their American dreams till we wake up from our sports fantasies? Sports is great past-time, but manufacturing and operational success is real success and more important than any rah-rah event. I hope that you and your company have your own business rally on National Manufacturing Day October 5th, and develop more fans, supporters, resources and future workers for your business. We need to fix our business, not just the calls on the plays!