Prognosticators are normally wrong- predict your own successful future!

Here we are on the eve the latest end of the world prediction, I can't help but recall an incident while in college where someone interpreted a Nostradamus quadrain and predicted that a mass murder would occur at a university that is perpendicular to train tracks in a certain area of latitude and longitude on a Friday morning on March of 1986. Well, it happened that 3 universities met that criteria even though trains did not exist during Nostradamus lifetime. Normally, this wild prediction would not be that big a deal but a local TV station did a series of news stories sharing the forecast on the days leading up to the predicted disaster. Not exactly an example of responsible journalism as students became concerned that some Earnest T. Bass wannabe desired to get his day of fame and make the prediction come true. On that fateful day, the normally bustling campus was deserted as everyone went home to avoid the potential disaster. Nothing happened but sure did disrupt our education productivity and focus. Now looking back on it 26 years later, that incident is similar to so often how we live our modern lives as slaves to the media outcry for the latest apocalypse or disaster. We alter our lives to external cries for our attention to get us to watch more content on the flat screens in our homes, workplace and now even in the urinals of chic restaurants. That is why I dread the season of Winter as we normally have at least 10 false reports of wintery mix and snowstorms. It may not be the end of the world tomorrow, but after last week's real disaster in Newtown, our world is about to change significantly. There will be more fortications of our public places, perhaps armed guards at our school systems, more legislation of guns and ammunition, and more debate of laws of the separation of church and state. Meanwhile, as more walls are being built to keep out the insane and menaces to our society, we will also be creating more challenges for our youth to gain the understanding and skills to be successful in their future careers. Until we break those barriers that cause the gaps between our youth's asipirations to our employers current and future needs. We need to take control of our future, stand up to chaos, the fear mongers and not let them avert our attention to real challenges and opportunities. So don't fret about tomorrow, just keep on fixing it forward!