Is your current staff sabotaging your workforce development?

Most companies are not prepared to handle the mass exodus of pending retirements underway as the current boomer generation of workers age out. However some of the companies who are striving to develop their future pipeline of workers are encountering internal obstacles from their own staff. I have personally helped train and place several future workers only to see them get hazed and run out of the organization within a couple of months. Not easy to see their enthusiasm and excitement, be converted to disappointment and cynicism. Their sense of trust be converted to doubt and lack of confidence in not just their colleagues but themselves. All because a couple of knuckleheads took it upon themselves to make up for their insecurity by attacking a new worker. I must admit, some have come of with some clever nicknames as they campaigned to remove the newbies by minimizing their contribution and maximizing their few negative qualities. One young guy was named "CREDIT" as the new worker was according to the old guard, only there when they did not need him and was not available when they did. Another very promising newbie schedule was changed without his first shift colleagues' knowledge so when he arrived after their hard day's work, the old guard resentfully named him "BLISTER" as he showed up after the hard work was done. For weeks, the old guard jeered "Credit" and "Blister" until the management, thought they had no other choice but to dismiss their future talent. The real cause for this hazing and campaigning is not the staff but the management not being proactive in assuring the old guard that their job is secure and their support of the new workers is critical to not just the company but their own success. Proactive companies need to develop pay structures to support their old guard, create role development, perks and benefits who are instrumental in training. Also need to create a no tolerance environment for negative campaigning and hazing and anyone caught participating should be made example to ward off future instances. Also more companies need to figure out how to maximize the performance of existing workers and perhaps develop a consulting support team from future retirees. Companies that master generational challenges will have a competitive advantage over other companies who just react and not plan to FIX IT FORWARD.