Is the 2012 Presidential Election paralyzing the US economy?

Not to get into whether we should go for blue or red this year, but just frustrated that the US election pendulum paralyzes the economy for 6 months every four years. So many companies during an election, stop all capital purchase, hiring decisions and other measures until the election fallout has been decided and smoke clears until the following March. That stagnation inhibits growth development and pushes the US backward against global competition. Not to be undemocratic but wish that the US could implement some of the long-term growth plans that smaller countries with smaller bureaucracies have implemented that made them quickly rise and leap frog past us on so many measures. Did you know that Estonia has set the first country wide wireless system, they also invented Skype, they teach all of their public educated student how to write computer code and they are generating thousands of engineering and stem literate students every year. Other countries like UAE have moved to the world stage by having a long-term growth plan, established financial systems, world class sporting events, major entertainment events, vacation destinations and major business conferences that are garnering world-wide acclaim. With so many countries living the American dream and establishing their own economic drivers, we need to re-evaluate our own drivers and develop long-term strategies to generate future reliability and economic performance and not be so nervous to stall on short-term incidents or even election cycles. If the nation invested in reliability programs and generated thousands of future reliability pros we will quickly have a competitive advantage by reducing operational and energy costs. Whether we go left or to the right, we need to focus on going to the future by investing in maintenance and upgrading reliability efficiency programs.