How healthy is your workforce?

America used to be the land of milk and honey. However, America has now become the land of the obese and diabetic. As we are striving to boost our maintenance performance levels, we must also need to take on the health challenges to avoid future failures of our workforce. While traveling around the world to boost maintenance, my hosts in Kuala Lumpur and India asked me if I tried their local fruits and vegetables. After trying the King of Fruit, the Queen of Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Star Fruit and Passion Fruit, i realized their marketing of fruits and vegetables helped turn these food items into a source of national pride. Meanwhile in the US, we promote pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, and some consider macaroni and cheese as a vegetable. As a result when other countries see an obese person they point them out as an American. Many times they are right. To help fight this culture battle, I passed on travel pictures to my local Fox affiliate and shared with them that the US needs to adjust our culture or the current ways we maintain our health of our bodies will lead to more chronic failures. During the interview the reporter pointed out that my own popular creation at a local restaurant, "the JoelBurger" is contributing to the problem. Nothing like getting challenged on TV to wake you up to make a change. So after several months on contacting health and food professionals, this week we launched a new tool counter-act the burger culture with a healthy but also tasty alternative. The Joel Summer Salad has roasted and marinated vegetables to add a hearty flavor to make more want to come back for more. Hopefully this step will help inspire others to make changes in their habits too. From Fox News Buckley Report: America may not be the biggest nation on Earth when it comes to land mass — but it may well be the largest when it comes to human weight, with so many of us spending more and more time at work sitting at a computer and then grabbing a fast food meal. Our waist lines are growing faster than our 401Ks. A man who has seen this first hand said he has an idea of where the problem started in this edition of “The Buckley Report.” To avoid future health challenges in your plants, what are you doing? To avoid injury learned that Caterpillar conducts stretching exercises before each shift. Hope you and your company make some changes to boost your health and thus increase your current and future productivity levels.