How do you know if your organization is infested with Reactive Maintenance Zombies?

You might have reactive maintenance zombies if: Your CMMS System is not producing scheduled work. You don't have a Maintenance Planner. You haven't formally trained your workforce. The UPS or Fed-Ex driver has worn tire treads in your loading dock area. Over 60% of your work is unscheduled. You have more downtime than uptime on critical money making machines. Your company is so lean that you do not have a future workforce developed. Run to failure is the company mantra. These are just a few identifiers of Reactive Maintenance Zombie-Land. Please do not interpret that the zombies are just in the shop-floor but could be in the upper-echelons of your organization. How do we change those mentalities? How do we get more top execs to support maintenance? Come back as we will touching on those issues in future posts.