How do you cope with external factors? How do you deal with the heat, the cold,the fires and the storms?

Many people only think maintenance technicians just fix machines and do not factor in the environmental conditions that add to the complexity and challenges for this noble profession. For example, an engineer from near Mumbai India just shared that they super busy striving to get their regular workload accomplished, while simultaneously preparing for the rainy season. Another example, a recent CPMM student of mine from Kuala Lumpur who is a facilities engineer for a semi-conductor facility, mentioned his team was scrambling to prevent for ash and other debris from contaminating their pristine clean room. Any outside factor could damage their micro-chip production and create costly downtime, but also affect product quality. In North Carolina, we are experiencing record heat temperatures, heat illnesses are rampant, and power companies are scrambling to transformers from over heating and encouraging consumers to operate 75 and reduce power loads. So all over the world, maintenance techs are dealing heat, rain, fires and other natural and external factors that can challenge the reliability of the most reliable institutions. I am very interested in hearing your stories and how your company is battling these very challenging conditions. Can you please add comment below or send comments to