How can we terminate the dangerous reactive maintenance zombie-disease? Variance

Typically, in a zombie-land reactive maintenance world, if you ask eight staff members to perform the same task, that task will be conducted eight different ways and none of those eight ways may be correct and several may lead to more downtime, safety violations, and perhaps loss of life or dismemberment.

The meeting s with your staff in sorting out the CMMS three pile process, will open some insightful discussions on effective strategies and techniques to eradicate and mitigate reactive maintenance work-orders.

So as you are constructing proactive strategies, take this opportunity for your team to research with your equipment manufacturers, maintenance training providers and other resources to help you standardize maintenance approaches, tactics and techniques to perform vital maintenance functions, pm schedules and routines. This is your chance to move away from the past and start constructing a more effective tomorrow.

Also very important that your staff take the lead in writing and conducting this research and developing the procedures as they will be the ones reading and conducting the work-orders. Also encourage them to add charts, maps, schematics and component pictures on complicated activities to help the newest worker be proficient, and minimize future variance by standardizing best practices. To help you combat against the know-it-and-done-it-all maintenance zombie breeds, pass on that even seasoned pilots and doctors are given checklists on common activities to avoid error or forgetting critical steps. Also where possible mimic the NFL by capturing and study videos of critical maintenance overhauls, pm schedules and other best practices.

Hope more join the battle against reactive maintenance zombies and reap the profit potential of proactive maintenance performance.