Help celebrate Manufacturing Day! October 5th, 2012 all over the country

"Build it they will come." Remember that line from the film classic "Field of Dreams"? What many do not know in order to film the scene at the end where all of the cars were meandering down a dirt road to see the field in the cornfields of Iowa, a local radio station instructed all of the drivers where to go and how to get there. The point being that is that even if you build it, they will only come if you tell them about it. So how do we get more support for Manufacturing in the US? How do we break down the negative image of being dark, dirty and dangerous? How do we make it enticing to future generation of potential workers? How do we share our needs with educators, government officials and other potential supporters? Well, there will be a national manufacturing open house across the country October 5th, 2012. Plant tours, events and lots of media exposure will be developed in hopes we can build our future by promoting manufacturing. This will be the next step in generating interest and excitement about manufacturing. If interested in learning more stay tuned as we will be share more details in the coming weeks.