Heart to heart discussion with future workers

Below is an excerpt of a heart to heart discussion I just had with a group of a dozen future workers. I am sharing this to help other workforce activists in their quest to elevate the performance of our future workers. Also please note, these are great "kids" 17-19 year olds who just need some guidance and development to help propel them to new heights. What was stated below was not to tear them down but to challenge them upward to higher levels of workforce performance. Hello, I would like to say just a few words to you before you depart for the weekend. I want to let you know that I am very proud of you and the workforce development support team for choosing you. However, do you want me to tell you what you want to hear? Or what we feel you need to hear to help you advance? All answered the later. Our success is measured by your future success and if you fail, we fail. So that is why we need you to take this program more seriously, and act less casual. We need you to listen and when we inform you not to use your cell phone on a job site, you do not use your cell phone on a job site. When we tell you to be on time, you be early. When we ask you to pay attention, you strive to absorb everything you possibly can. When we tell you this is serious, do you not listen to your headphones and jam out. You need to also realize that for companies saying no to a future worker is much easier than saying yes. When they say yes, they not only have to come up with the funding to pay you but have to pay someone to take time to supervise you, train you and it may be months before the labor you provide will provide them the payoff for the money they are investing in you. So anything you do that is not advancing the company forward will eliminate you from that job. You need to know that company inside and out and know what problems they have and how you can be their solution. You need to be always figuring out ways to do your job and conduct yourself above approach. You need also to study the industry magazines, become an expert problem solver and become a valued resource. And always be humble and trainable, the old guys have so much to teach you but you must be willing to take their critiques and learn from their guidance. Now get out of here and have a great weekend and come in next ready to FIX IT FORWARD!