God bless the caregivers and the caretakers!

Whenever we endure the horrific natural and manmade tragedies makes us pause to reflect and strive to answer the unanswerable, solve the unsolvable and strive to fix the unfixable. Since we are enduring life imitating fiction again, we get to see first hand the horror of real tragedy and not able to enjoy another violent simulation developed to capture attention and strive to satisfy our society's unquenchable thirst to escape and be entertained with fabricated conflict. What we focus on expands. What we glorify others emulate. So much easier to destroy than to build. Even much harder to maintain especially in bad economic times and when companies are tempted to take short cuts. So I pray that more of us strive to support the caregivers and the caretakers. The most horrible of our species are the selfish that focus on just the now. Conversely, those who focus on the needs of others and those who maintain our precious assets of fleets, buildings and machines that advance our society forward for a better tomorrow are our real heroes and they need to be supported and recognized. However, sadly, most of those who provide these wonderful services not only are ignored but often times jeered or ridiculed. Plumbers can help avoid more diseases in a week than a doctor can do in a career. But what profession is constantly jeered about posterior cleavage? We wonder why we don't have adequate pipelines of skilled technicians to backfill retiring workers. So lets not let the terrorists win by getting all of the attention. Can you do me a favor? Please thank the caretakers of your building, your fleets, your factories. Let's let them know their service is valued, and appreciated. Most importantly investment in renovations and training are critical to help us fix our world forward. Can you help us build more caretakers and caregivers? With the pending retirements of the boomer generation, we need the next generation to become heroes not villains. What are you going to do to help?