Down Under joining the fight against the Maintenance Crisis

With this marking the 10 year anniversary of the penning of the Maintenance Crisis Song, we ask our supporters to help spread the word by sharing the Maintenance Crisis Song. Just woke to a wonderful email this morning from Len Bradshaw, the editor of Australia's Asset Maintenance Management Journal. To help Aussies fight the Maintenance Crisis, Len is featuring the song and linking several of the genres in his online publication this month. In May of 2010, I had the pleasure of speaking at ICOMS Conference in Adelaide, Australia where John Hardwick, The Asset Management Council president encouraged me to sing the Maintenance Crisis Song and "Find Me a Maintenance Woman" song. Afterward he challenged the attendees to develop their own maintenance related songs and the winner was announced the last evening of the conference. John said that the song was a great way to add some excitement, energy and effort to fight the maintenance challenges that they face Down Under with limited supply lines and communications, and skilled resources available. We hope that more join the fight and help mobilize thousands to pursue the training, the skills, the attitudes to help FIX IT FORWARD so that more can have the reliability and prosperity to enjoy the bounty this world provides. So please share the Maintenance Crisis Song with your staff, leadership, community, school systems, radio and television outlets the need to build the next generation of skilled talent. We are either going to pass the baton to the next generation or drop it on them, which is better?