Disclaimer and Goals for Crisis Corner Blog

This blog is not for everyone. Especially the faint of heart, the self satisfied and the too lazy or too close minded to consider new ideas and approaches. If you are too sensitive to read the unflinching truth about the bad, and the ugly sides of maintenance profession, and steps to convert the maintenance function to good and productive, this blog may not be for you. Growing versus Aging Businesses Growing organizations that want to grow and advance need consultants to show them proven pathways, avoid pitfalls and help accelerate successful outcomes. Aging organizations frozen in bureaucracy and continue to perpetuate reactive maintenance practices, need insultants to become more flexible to adapt to business conditions and pursue emerging growth opportunities. So in summary the purpose and goals of the Crisis Corner blog are to offend, challenge, inspire, and edutain. OFFEND Your sense of normalcy/ status-quo. CHALLENGE You to strive to develop new approaches. INSPIRE You to have the conviction to fight the resistors and to elevate to higher levels of performance. EDUTAIN & have FUN! Yet offer meaningful insight on how to advance your career. In order to help bring the best practices of maintenance out of the basement, or back-room of the facilities, this blogs are written with the perhaps perceived crazy or radical intent of merging with the mainstream and forefront of our leadership and social culture by mixing the latest pop-culture trends into the content. That is why the latest zombie craze has been incorporated into the latest series. If you want to see other forays i have done to cross over into pop culture download the maintenance crisis songs, view the SkillTV videos, and review past crisis corner columns, learn about visits to congress, schools, international trips and other in the trenches work at PlantServices.com However, hope that no-one takes the gentle ribbing, the encouragement, and pleads for action too personal. I have the utmost respect and admiration for maintenance pros and supportive management. However, I am really frustrated to see stagnant or minimal growth when we live in an era where there is literally an explosion of opportunities to advance maintenance to be a respected, valued, profitable profession. Feel free to email me at Joel@skilltv.net if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to chew the maintenance fat.