Can you believe who walks in your door and wants a job? What were they thinking?

Perhaps I should hold this discussion for Labor Day but as we are entering the US day of Independence, July 4th, I have time give pause and reflect at all of the people I have encountered recently who are applying for a job or those not willing to do common sense things to survive, not just succeed on the job. Well, as reliability guru, Ron Moore wrote in his book "Making Common Sense Common Practice" is not easy and common sense is indeed quite rare especially in the country that cherishes independence and free will to do whatever we want. Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to anyone who needs to work to survive and help their families prosper, but obviously some just take the employment hiring process way too casual and if they do not show respect to their potential employer in the beginning will they show after they are hired? Also don't me wrong about our independence and our need to have the freedom to make our own decisions. But there is obviously a fine line between being free and being stupid. So here we go with some real examples I have seen or have heard about: I just received a resume with a respond email address similar to this but not as sanitized, Also i had a past workforce trainee with a call waiting that played an R rated love song to you while you waited for him to pick up the phone. Well that may help them with their love life but is it going to get them jobs outside of the escort business? Also heard that a company was very impressed with a candidate for one of their entry-level management positions until they received this Thank You Letter, in a text: TNKU 4 DA ENTERVU And that was recent graduate of prestigious university. Wonder what he was doing when they taught their students how to write a Thank you Letter. Yes, the employer went another direction. Also how do you convince a trainee to wear a hair net and not to wear baseball caps while working with a lathe or better yet to cut their hair? After numerous pleads, sharing articles about recent accidents, the independent streak of this very talented machinist apprentice that he would rather risk death than to part with his Sampson locks or to restrain their flow around his shoulders. Well, long hair may work for Fabio, but a machinist needs to be extra careful. Plus what company is willing to risk an OSHA Violation and possible fines to hire this independent free spirit? Not many, huh? Not to mention the exposed thongs, the unzipped pants, the pants to below the crotch, the one with bourbon breath, the tattoos and hardware spikes of horns to resemble the devil, the resume on a napkin, the one who was looking for the "any key" on the keyboard, etc, etc. I could go on and on and on... and I am sure you have your stories too. (please share below) But as we are all reflecting at the crazies and unconventional Americans, God Bless them as are all blessed to have our freedom thanks to our soldiers of today and our veterans of years past. And if you have not met or spoken with a Battle of the Bulge Vet and want to-- let me know and I will gladly arrange a chance for a lonely 86 year old Elmer Lint the opportunity to share how he and his buddy had to use 30 blankets, many were confiscated from dead buddies, to survive in a foxhole and still he got frost bite on his legs and feet in 40 degrees below zero in Belgium. Wish more kids could hear him so that they will not take our independence for granted and realize the level of commitment work requires. Happy Birthday America! Hope you thank a soldier and vet for me and plus, and give someone a chance to work despite their independent streak, maybe they will prove you wrong about them, as I have done to many who have doubted me. LET'S FIX IT FORWARD!