Binders Full of Technicians and some are women

To help fight the Maintenance Crisis locally, I support the Guilford County Workforce Development Board and they have been working with area employers, community colleges and other community leaders to build binders full of future technicians. The secret of their success is the promotion of the program and then the screening of applicants. The instructors are used to having to teach anyone who signs up and many times they just don't the fundamental reading, writing and most importantly the math skills to succeed. So to make sure all of the students are positioned for success, applicants are tested and screened to make sure that they have the prerequisite academic skills to absorb the material along with a sufficient level of mechanical aptitudes to master the class. These screening processes help also cultivate the right attitudes for learning, as the students have to want to proceed and makes them develop their struggle muscles to have the hunger and desire to win a scholarship and fulfill the course requirements. So once more programs around the country build more binders full of talent we can fill the estimated 600,000 unfilled jobs. Below is what appears on their application website: CNC Machinists Looking for an exciting career in Advanced Manufacturing? We have the training for you – CNC Machinist Accelerated Training Classes through our regional community colleges! You will learn to interpret blueprints, set up manual and CNC machines, perform basic and advanced machining operations, and make decisions to ensure that work quality is maintained. This 18-21 week course includes: Training in Manual Machining, BPR/Metrology, CNC Turning, and CNC Milling. 2 NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) Credentials. An innovative Human Resources Development (HRD) component – enhance your job seeking skills with industry-specific training on interviewing, resume writing, communication, and more! Skills required for the course: Detail-oriented Ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve Able to lift 50 pounds and stand for 8 hours/day Demonstrated knowledge of hand tools Computational and analytical math skills How can I learn more? We have begun our assessments for the next cycles of CNC machinist training. Currently, we are conducting orientations and assessments for classes as follows: Davidson County Community College: Mid-October Randolph County Community College: Mid-October Guilford Technical Community College: January 2013 Forsyth Technical Community College: February 2013 You just need to click the link below, "Click here to begin the initial screening process". Please make sure to read the instructions carefully, as testing will be available in multiple locations. You just need to click the link below, “Click here to begin the initial screening process”.