Are you ready for talent wars?

Since the mainstream media operates by the mantra "if it bleeds, it leads", providing some good industrial news that has broader impact: VW investing over 1 billion dollars in new plants in Chattanooga, TN. Boeing building Dreamliner in Charleston, SC. Already employs over 1000 new workers. AIRBUS plans to assemble planes in Huntsville, AL. Caterpillar WS adding more workers to build super truck axels in WS- need over 90 machinists now. ABCO Automation will add 2 more shifts once it uncovers enough machining talent. Siemens new turbine plant in Charlotte needs 1250 machinists These new developments means that many small machine and job shops will be getting more business to help these new additions grow. Just learned that a major employer will be adding a new facility from Japan and will need 350+ new machinists, welders, mechanics and technicians at their US operation. So despite the continued high employment, there appears to be a tech talent war underway where companies are fighting for the same small talent pool currently available and the volume generated of new students being developed does not fill the demand. Some companies are looking at developing signing bonuses( yes, not just for football players but for skilled workers). Also more formalized co-op and internship programs are being developed and more accelerated CNC classes and multi-craft technicians programs are being offered. So when people say there are no jobs out there, please inform that that there not many jobs for FUFU majors of the past but plenty for skilled workers for today and tomorrow. Too bad that mainstream news does not cover these activities so that more can support the growth and advancement of our neighbors.