Are you ready for some performance?

Back in the 80's before there were nets, football fans would love to sit in end-zone seats with the promise that they may take home a game-ball. If you remember Mark Moseley of the Washington Redskins, he was a straight on field goal kicker and a friend of mine went to the game with the dream of catching and coming home with the Redskin trophy ball. Those outside games were very cold and the fashion back then was to wear Michelin man like down jackets. To be candid, during that game my friend partook from his flask a little too much, but he was really determined to get a ball. So after the field goal kick he scrambled to get the ball and took on all comers even a pair of arms that were particularly persistent. He held on tightly and kept struggling the pair of aggressive arms until a man piped up. "Hey, can you let go of my wife's head?" Figured that you might enjoy a gridiron classic fan story,even though this story is not completely tied to the Maintenance Crisis. But there is some relevance, how many times do we lose track of our real goal that our fast actions cloud our aim and we often capture something else than our objective? In maintenance so many times, being slow is actually fast. If we slow down and analyze the situations, clarify our actions, be cognizant of our surroundings and others we too can grab the trophy and achieve desired outcomes. Hope that you and your team have a great week this week and score more up-time and gain more support, resources and respect.