Absurdities in business that we need to recognize and address

Remember when you first started out trying to crack into the business world and uncovered the absurdity that companies wanted to fill entry level positions with experienced workers? Thus the new graduates had great difficulty in locating positions to get the experience needed to get a job. Still those issues are a challenge to fresh graduates who also have to compete with displaced workers from the great recession for the limited job opportunities. How can they get experience unless given an opportunity to build the experience? Also remember when companies to help save money, abandoned their apprenticeship programs? Now that qualified skilled workers are not available and that can longer pirate others talent, companies across the world are scrambling to address this shortfall by training. However, that exposes another absurdity or businesses paradox. When companies have time to develop talent they usually do not have the cash flow to pay for it. Later when the company has new business they no longer have the time available for their workers to get trained. To help address these continual absurdities, companies may want to partner with their local regions workforce development activities to set up internships, qualify and develop workers, and work to re-establish apprenticeship programs. If businesses are going to sustain growth and development despite the economic challenges, they must discover new approaches to overcome the paradoxes and absurdities.