Is your compressed air system efficient?

Is your compressed air system running efficiently?  Do you know how much it costs to run your compressed air system? In most case compressed air owners and operators have no answer to these questions.  A quick trip to the compressor room reveals the reason why; there are no instruments installed to measure consumption related parameters.

A compressed air system will have plenty of pressure gauges and temperature monitoring devices installed so users can confirm levels are where they like them, but nowhere to be seen are measurement instruments for power, energy, flow and system efficiency.

If you are not measuring these key performance indicators chances are that your system is consuming excess power leading to higher operating costs.  Properly outfitting your system with these monitors can go a long way in determining problems, revealing waste, and pointing the way to solutions.

The cost of measurement instruments has come down substantially over the years at the same time power prices have been rising.  But if you still cannot afford the instrumentation there is assistance available.  Most compressor vendors and many independent companies can bring in temporary auditing instruments and give your system a quick check up.  Sometimes the cost of this is free or subsidized through the support of local power companies or energy organizations.

It is high time you to started keeping an eye on your compressed air efficiency and costs to improve your profitability.  You can’t afford to wait.

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