Why Can’t Buildings Fly Like Airplanes?

Buildings can and should ‘Fly Like Airplanes’. It’s really not that complicated is it? All the Energy Profession needs to do is Pretend Every Building is an Airplane and apply the same standards for Information, Training, Reliability and Accountability.
buildings fly like airplanes 2

Watson: I have been reading about how flying on a Commercial Airliner is now safer than taking a nap on your living room couch. According to an article published in the New York Times by Jad Mouawad and Christopher Drew on February 11, 2013, “Airline Industry at Its Safest Since the Dawn of the Jet Age”,

“In the last five years, the death risk for passengers in the United States has been one in 45 million flights, according to Arnold Barnett, a professor of statistics at M.I.T. In other words, flying has become so reliable that a traveler could fly every day for an average of 123,000 years before being in a fatal crash, he said.”

Holmes: Really amazing isn't it?

Watson: You have frequently written that every building is unique and its energy consumption depends on different systems, differ vendors, different people with little energy information, coordination, training or incentive to make them run efficiently.

Why can’t buildings model themselves after the airline industry and apply the same quality standards?

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