Watson's Words of Wisdom on Benchmarking

Doesn’t anyone out there but me see how ridiculous the whole concept is of reviewing data once a year to verify that a building is being run efficiently? Come on, I’m a dog and I can see it. I’m betting even a really smart cat could see it too!

Airplane benchmarking

Watson: I have looked at the Energy Star Website and it says that Benchmarking works best when it’s done consistently over time, at least once a year. “That’s because you can’t manage what you’re not measuring.” Doesn’t that statement contradict their whole program since they are relying on filling out forms once a year rather than actual measured data?

The fact that Benchmarking and Energy Audits even exist is an admission that there is no measured data for most facilities, isn’t it? I was taught in engineering school that all valid science must be based on accurate data. But somehow the so-called “Energy Profession” has survived for 40 years based on almost no actual data at all. Doesn’t sound like a true science-based “Profession” to me.

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